Waiting for your assessment

There is a wait time for this assessment. The wait time does vary and all parents will be informed of the current wait time in the letter they receive when a child’s name is placed onto the waiting list. No child’s position on the list will be changed for whatever reason unless we are required to do so by law. However, we cannot always accurately tell parents when their child will be seen as some children’s assessments take longer than others.

All children are taken off the waiting list in strict date order as all children’s assessments are important. Please be patient if your child is on the waiting list we are doing all that we can to get to your child as quickly as possible.

As it may be some time before we are able to see your child it is essential that you contact us immediately if you change your address, telephone number or GP.

What happens whilst the child is waiting?

A child does not need a medical diagnosis in order to gain support from any service or from education and services should support a child whilst they are on the assessment waiting list.

Resources and information which may be helpful while your child is awaiting their assessment can be found here.

Parents telephone calls about the waiting times

Many parents telephone to ask if their child can be seen sooner or when will their child be seen. We cannot indicate when a child will be seen as the assessments of children ahead of a child on a waiting list may take longer than expected. Administrators, not clinicians will therefore not be able to answer questions.

My child has waited longer than the time said in my acceptance letter?

During the year the waiting time does vary. This variation may be because we have had a number of very complex children to assess and their assessment has taken much longer than we expected. In addition, if the team does not have the full complement of staff then this can affect the waiting time too. We will try and keep you informed by letter where possible.

What will happen at the assessment?

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