Paediatric Respiratory Service

A referral into the Respiratory service can be made via your Community Physiotherapist, Community Paediatrician or Community Children’s nurse.

The Paediatric Respiratory service sees children who have long term respiratory conditions, respiratory compromise as a result of their complex medical needs or require support with respiratory palliative care requirements. Your child will be assessed by the specialist respiratory physiotherapist within the home setting if a referral to the service has been accepted.

The service provides support and training for children, families and their care teams to support the complex respiratory care needs of the child. This enables them to receive their on-going treatment at home, prevent deterioration in their condition and reduce hospital admissions.

If appropriate your child will be provided with a respiratory treatment plan that outlines their respiratory needs when they are well and when they are unwell.

Support will also be provided while your child is in hospital to help facilitate discharge home.

As a service we can provide training packages for carers, school and hospice staff to support children to access education and respite.

We also work closely with the Children’s Community Nursing team to provide care and support for children who are receiving palliative care and end of life care at home.

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