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Links to useful leaflets

Our Voices Heard – poster our voices heard

Head Turning Preference and Plagiocephaly –

Flat Feet in Children –

Intoeing Gait –

Hypermobility – Hypermobility Final Version 2020

Normal Variants in Children – Normal variations in children 2020FAQ’s

Parent/Carer Equipment Pack –

Tummy Time Ideas for Babies

Tummy Time Poster.pdf (

Play Ideas to develop babies motor skills (pre walking)

Play Ideas to develop toddler/children’s motor skills (once walking)

Gross-Motor-Delay-Leaflet-older-patients-1.docx (


“Why is my child being seen on video and not face to face?”

During Waves 1 and 2 of Covid efforts were made by the service to keep seeing as many children and young people as possible whilst still keeping them safe. Face to face appointments were still maintained where deemed clinically vital, however most appointments moved to a virtual first approach with the use of telephone, video and online programmes.

This virtual first approach has received positive feedback from children and young people and has supported the NHS move towards digitalisation, so will continue to be a primary offer to service users.

“Why is my child on a waiting list?”

Historically waiting times for this service have been around 18 weeks or less from referral to assessment/treatment; however the impact of covid was significant.

There is increased demand for our service at this time so please be aware that we have developed a longer waiting list during this period (currently over 4 months). We are steadily working through this whilst ensuring we are responsive to urgent needs.

‘Will my child be seen in school?’

When there is a clinical need to see a patient face to face we are able to complete this with the appropriate PPE, following our Trust’s guidance to mitigate risk (this may take place in clinic, school or at a patients home and is determined on an individual basis)

We are continuing to offer support to schools to ensure children are able to access their equipment, continue their therapy programmes where possible and ensure staff are up-skilled and confident to support children’s needs

We are continuing to prioritise assessment requests from the SEND team for new Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment for children known to our service.

“I want to speak to a physiotherapist, how can I do this?”

 If you need to speak to a physiotherapist because there has been a change to your child’s condition, then please email us at or call on 0121 722 8010.

Please be aware that we are busy seeing patients and we will not be able to answer your query on the same day. We are endeavouring to respond to enquiries within a week. If you have an emergency situation, then please call NHS 111.

“What if my child is having botox or surgery?”

Please send us an email to paediatric.physiotherapy@ making us aware of the intervention date. We will send you appointments out for post-botox/surgery physiotherapy. Please be aware that botox takes a while to begin working and therefore your child’s appointment will not be immediately after injections but at the correct clinical time. You will be taught or reminded of stretches to do with your child post botox and you should then continue these on a daily basis. The physiotherapist will advise you accordingly.

“What if I want to complain?”

Please direct all complaints to PALS either by telephone 0121 424 0808, or by emailing   Please do not use our generic email address for complaints.

“What if I have a question about my child’s shoes or splints?”

Please contact the Orthotics department directly for queries regarding boots, shoes or splints. The number for Orthotics at Heartlands Hospital is 0121 424 2273 and at Solihull Hospital is 0121 424 4446.

“What if Orthotics need a new referral or haven’t received a referral?”

Please contact your GP for any new or outstanding orthotics referrals. As physiotherapists, we are unable to refer directly to orthotics.

“What if I have an equipment question?”

We review all home equipment on a yearly basis. If you have a problem outside of this time, please refer to our Parent/Carer Equipment Pack in Useful Leaflets section above.

If you are in any doubts about the safety of the equipment, then please stop using and send us an email.

For problems with school equipment, please ask school to book a visit with an equipment company representative and notify us of the date.

“Why am I waiting so long for equipment”.

We are dependant on the private equipment companies for quotes, manufacturing, delivery and set up. Whilst we try to hurry this process along for you, it is not a process which we have control over. Please notify us by email if you have waited beyond 3 months since your child was assessed for a new piece of equipment.

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