Physical Needs Team Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a chair cost?

Chairs vary in cost considerably depending on the level of complexity and adjustability. We will always take in to account the cost, along side other child specific factors which need to be considered before recommending a specialist seat. Chair adaptations such as Rokzi arms start at £65.99  and more extensive chairs varied adaptations can range upwards of £1000.

How long will a chair last?

When choosing a chair we take in to account the following factors:

• Child’s rate of growth, health needs, the child’s current seating ability and how likely these are to change, how the chair will be used, where it will be used. We consider all of these factors and match these with appropriate seating which is available in stock, or to purchase. This assessment will take place in conjunction with parents and carers who will be using the chair.

• Where possible we aim to ensure we prescribe a chair which can meet all of the child’s needs whilst also offering lots of opportunity for growth. Children grow and change at individual rates. Chairs can last a short period of time such as 6 months, or much longer such as 2 years.

How often will a chair need to be reviewed?

The service reviews chairs annually if a child is in a mainstream education setting, and if the child is in a specialist setting, the chair will be reviewed every 6 months as their health and postural needs can change significantly in that time.

We recommend that parents / carers who are using the chair continuously review it to ensure that it meet the child’s needs. Maintenance checks should be completed each time the chair is used to ensure that it is in safe working order, belts and straps are in good condition, nuts and bolts are tightened to help with reducing the likelihood or expensive repairs and replacement parts. The prescribing OT will have provided a manual with the chair which will identify the areas for consideration.

Upon delivery of the chair, an equipment issue form is provided which includes a photo of how the child should be sitting in the chair. Please review this regularly to ensure that the chair remains the correct size for the child and continues to be set up correctly. If you notice that the child is struggling to maintain their posture, or they are out growing their chair, please contact the department and request a review.

Who is responsible for breakages and/or replacement parts?

Chairs provided for use at home are owned by Community Equipment Service. Chairs used in school are owned by the School.

It is the responsibility of the users (parents/education staff) of the chair to identify any faults with the integrity of the chair. Parents/carers should contact community equipment services on 0121 329 0900 or to report any faults. They should also seek advice about whether the chair can continue to be used whilst these are being resolved.

Educational settings are encouraged to purchase a service contract with the seating company when a chair is purchased so that a regular review can be completed. Purchase of any replacement parts remains the responsibility of the owners of the equipment. If any concerns are identified please contact the seating company immediately and seek advice about whether the chair can still be used whilst waiting for a response and resolution. Some replacement parts may be covered by warranty depending on the age of the chair.

It is helpful to have the serial number of the chair to hand when contacting the seating company so they can easily identify the exact chair.

Where can I find the user manual for a chair?

The user manuals for specialist seating can be found on the seating company’s website, or we have collated a few for you to access on our Specialist Seating page, just scroll down to the bottom.

Have any other questions?

If you have a question or concern that has not been answered here, please contact us.

Page Last Reviewed: 28/03/2024

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