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Your feedback is invaluable to us as our team. We use it to improve our service, and better the experiences of future service users. These are just some of the testimonials people have written…

My OT listened to me and she was very kind. She listened to my ideas and worked on the things that I said I had struggled with and gave me ideas on how to improve.

Just wanted to echo a big thank you to you for helping us in supporting our child to be potty trained. Right from the beginning you were an excellence source of confidence and information.
We really wanted to focus and help our daughter to understand her toileting needs, and with your strategies and advice, I am so happy and delighted to say we have finally managed to achieve it.
It was your persistence and honesty to give our daughter her time and space which allowed for a more relaxed approach. I can’t still quite believe she is potty trained! From the short time you have known us, you truly have helped in making a life changing difference, not only for our daughter but for us as a family.
Our daughter now communicates her toileting needs and has the confidence to go to any toilet when we are out. To see her being so independent brings such happiness to us all.
Thank you truly deep down you were amazing and to do all of this via telephone calls and emails! It’s wonderful to know that when you apply the strategies they DO actually work so thank you again for everything. Truly grateful that you were our daughter’s Occupational Therapist. You did such an amazing job.

Thank you for everything you have done, school have really taken on board your strategies, our child’s behaviours have really improved in class, his behaviour at home is improving all the time. If it wasn’t for you, school would not have supported him like this.

I just wanted to say that I’m extremely happy with the experience we have had with the Occupational Therapy service. Despite undoubtedly experiencing pressures from the previous lockdowns I thought our waiting time was reasonably short. The assessment wasn’t stressful for my son and he actually enjoyed himself despite his struggles with anxiety lately. The advice I received proved to actually be beneficial and my son is making much better progress than I expected. The support we’ve received in regards to the recommendations included in the report have been excellent and my son nearly cried with relief that somebody is actually listening to the struggles he is experiencing and is speaking up for him with real solutions. We are both extremely happy and feel so fortunate to have had such a wonderful Occupational Therapist to help us through these past months, thank you.

I wanted to say a big thank you to you for being such a great support to us and, most importantly, to our child. We found it really helpful when you came out to visit us at home and our child used the PACS activity to identify areas that he felt he needed help. You somehow manage to put a positive spin on things, my main concern before approaching OT was that my child would feel like he wasn’t good at things and it would further highlight his difficulties. It has had the opposite affect and he really perseveres at tasks he finds difficult.

Our son is very disappointed that we won’t be seeing you anymore as he felt like you completely understood his difficulties and were very calm and patient with him. You somehow managed to build a little rapport even in that short space of time.

Thank you so much for supporting us with our child. We first started talking over lockdown and looking for what the cause of his difficulties were. Over the following months you took the time to gather information for us and school to get a clear picture of what his individual barriers and difficulties are – and have provided us with lots of suggestions, techniques and interventions to try. The plans that you have suggested have meant that we feel much more prepared and less anxious. Thank you so much for helping us to understand him better-it’s made a huge difference to our relationship with him.

Fantastic service and help received for not only my daughter but also me as her parent. I was made to feel like I could ask for any help needed and was happy to help. My child really gained confidence in her ability to carry out tasks that were chosen by her to help her improve and really encouraged to think about what steps needed to be taken to help her complete the tasks she otherwise found difficult. This helped give her a strategy that she can use and put into practice in all areas of difficulty. Thank you for your extreme patience and made everyone feel at ease and relaxed. Thank you for all your help.

We had such a positive experience with my son’s recent assessment. Both myself and my son were made to feel listened to and there was a lot of patience and understanding regarding his difficulties and previous struggles. All strategies and interventions included our opinions and ideas which made them feel very personalised and made my son more willing to use them day to day as he felt that he had helped create them. It was lovely to see a young person being included so fully.

The group teams call [motor skills workshop] was really helpful to discuss common problems that most of us on the call were experiencing, we were offered practical ideas, which was great.

I was really relieved that we were offered the opportunity to get in contact if we needed further support.

O.T- you have been great at keeping in touch, keeping me updated and listening to what support we need and then helping with next steps.


Two of my children were referred to the OT service by the family doctor upon my request. One son is 10, autistic, has many sensory difficulties and is unable to access school. My other son is 7 and struggling with gross and fine motor movements. His older brother was diagnosed with dyspraxia when he was 7 and I suspected the same.

Our OT made contact with me and asked for details about both boys. I found this really thorough and I felt listened to.

During a face to face appointment, our O.T. made both boys welcome. The O.T. spent some time chatting to my children and explained her role and how she could support them and sought my child’s views about his difficulties in an age appropriate way. This connection made it possible for Thomas to attend school for a short while so that O.T could complete her assessments.

Throughout our discussions, emails and meetings, I have found my O.T.’s support invaluable. I have felt listened to and understood.

Our O.T. explained the process of support and how she will continue to support my child as he moves to secondary school.

I’ve been so impressed by the service we have received from Occupational Therapy. Thank you for all of the support.

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