Hands-on therapy

This can include a wide range of techniques e.g. Facilitation of normal movement patterns, passive stretches or stimulation of movement and sensation.

Home exercise programme

It is important the advice, exercises and postures shown by the physiotherapists are incorporated into daily routines. The physiotherapist will set programmes which are carried out by the child/young person with the support of parents/carers and in some circumstances educational staff. The physiotherapy team will provide all the training to enable adults to correctly support the child/young person complete this appropriately.

Types of programmes may include:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Balance and core strength exercises
  • Stretches
  • Postural management and positioning
  • Facilitation of movement patterns


Some children require specialist equipment to support their posture and promote movement and independence. These children/young people may have difficulties in sitting or standing unaided, or they may require assistance to walk.

Specialist equipment includes:

  • Standing frames
  • Walking Aids
  • Specialist seating to improve posture
  • Sleep systems
  • Postural support equipment

The physiotherapist will assess and identify appropriate equipment and then liaise with the appropriate agencies for supply and funding of the equipment. Most home-based equipment will be funded by Solihull Equipment Loans Service and school-based equipment funded by the school or local education authority.

Please note some home seating maybe assessed for by the occupational therapy team who work for Solihull Metropolitan Council rather than the paediatric physiotherapy service.

Support and education

The physiotherapist will if appropriate attend relevant meetings around the child/young person’s care. This can include the Team Around the Family meeting and Common Assessment Framework meeting as an example. When required the Paediatric Physiotherapy Service will provide information for reports (for example to inform the Education and Healthcare Plan).

Joint working and onward referrals

Paediatric Physiotherapists work very closely with various agencies, these include:

This work may include joint assessments and interventions or may include onward referrals and liaison.