Occupations: School

School’s have a major influence of children and young people’s lives and being part of a school community is an important aspect of a child’s development. When considering a child’s engagement and participation in school, it is important to consider the cultural, social and physical environment in which school is embedded.

Participating in Classroom Activites

Being able to take part in learning activities is essential for succeeding at school. This includes writing and drawing, using scissors and other tools, using IT, and taking part in various practical subjects.


Learning to organise yourself and your belongings is an important part of moving through nursery/school. Allowing your child or young person to organise themselves and their belongings and to deal with the consequences when this goes wrong can be a helpful learning tool.

Accessing the School Environment

Once at school there are lots of things to think about to help your child or young person join in with all aspects of school. This includes joining in in the playground, standing in line, joining in at lunchtime and moving around the school.

Comfortable Learning

Children and young people need to be comfortable and well positioned so that they can learn. This section includes information on good sitting, alternative positions to work in, the importance of movement breaks and equipment to support comfortable learning.

Page Last Reviewed: 27/03/2024

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