What do we do?

Paediatric Physiotherapists are interested in promoting physical skills in children and young people who have physical difficulties which affect normal childhood development. Paediatric Physiotherapists use techniques which contribute towards the overall development of children with physical conditions/development needs in order that they can become as independent as possible in childhood and onwards to adulthood. Our aim is to maximise physical function and independence by enhancing movement patterns.

Changes due to COVID 19

Due to the COVID 19 global pandemic the paediatric physiotherapy team have adapted the way they work in order to provide a safe service. 

To achieve this we have implemented the following:

  • Redesigned service delivery to fit with the Virtual First approach
  • Delivering telephone consultations
  • Delivering video consultations where appropriate
  • Offering Face to face consultations if deemed clinically appropriate and only after following virtual approaches first. 
  • All face to face appointments will follow robust infection control guidelines.

The physiotherapy provision will not change in terms of provision offered but the delivery will be different.

This means that more consultations will happen via telephone and video. The service will aim to link in with education settings and multidisciplinary teams with joint video consultations and we will continue to provide written guidelines for parents and schools to follow.


Reach optimum
physical potential
Maximise function
and independence
Promote normal
Reduce the risk
of deformity

As well as offering support for families and other professionals through onward referrals, physiotherapists offer the following services to support the development of physical function:


Physiotherapists assess children and young peoples motor ability, joint movements and posture.

Training and Education

Physiotherapists work closely with other agencies for example schools, nurseries and other professionals to give training and advice.


Some children and young people require equipment to support their posture and function.

Further information

You can find out more about physiotherapy for children and young people from the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists http://apcp.csp.org.uk/ website.

Contact details

Paediatric Physiotherapy
Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre
Crabtree Drive
B37 5BU

Tel: 0121 722 8010

This telephone line is open from 9am until 4.45pm Monday to Friday. Please note, there is no facility to leave a message for the services outside of the above hours.

The service can experience very busy periods where your calls may not be answered immediately. In the event of this, there is an option to leave a message and these messages are checked routinely and responded to.

Please note that sending confidential information to this email account cannot be guaranteed as a secure route unless an encryption solution is used by the sender.

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