Your Clinic Appointment

As part of the assessment process, your Occupational Therapist may find it helpful to invite your child into clinic.

What happens during a clinic appointment?

During the appointment, the Occupational Therapist may complete an assessment based on your concerns. This could be a handwriting assessment, a cutlery assessment or an assessment of motor and coordination skills.

We try to create a fun and relaxing environment in our clinics for all children and young people. If you feel your child may find it difficult to participate in a clinic assessment, please discuss this with your Occupational Therapist prior to any clinic appointments.

What happens after a clinic appointment?

If the appointment has included a standardised (formal) assessment, for example of the young person’s motor skills, the therapist will call the parents/carers after the appointment to explain what the assessment has shown.

Cancelling or changing your clinic appointment

If, for any reason, you find that you need to cancel or change your appointment, we kindly ask that you call our team as soon as you know you need to. If given plenty of notice, we are more than happy to reschedule your child’s appointment to a more suitable time and date.

If you are 10 minutes late or more, unfortunately your appointment will not be able to go ahead.

Clinic Locations

Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre
1st Floor
Crabbtree Drive
Chelmsley Wood
B37 5BU

Shirley Clinic
276 Stratford Road
B90 3AD

Page Last Reviewed: 31/08/2022

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