What Do We Offer?

We offer an “assessment and advice” service to most of the young people referred to our service, working closely with the young person, their family and teachers to address the occupations that are most important and which present the greatest challenge to a young person in their everyday life. Ongoing therapy is provided by anyone who spends time with the child to achieve a 24/7 approach. This may include families, teachers and parents/carers. Advice and recommendations will continue to be provided in a full report following a child’s assessment.

Our involvement usually starts with a telephone assessment with the parent/carer. At the end of this initial assessment, the therapist and parent/carer will agree the priority goals and the next step which could be one or more of the following:

Initial Telephone Consultation


Parents/Carers are invited to attend a workshop

Clinic Appointment

the young person is invited to attend a clinic appointment

School Visit

the therapist arranges a school/nursery observation

Advice and Strategies via post

Signposting or Referral

Onto other services

A therapist may also speak to the young person’s teacher prior to any of these appointments. At the end of an assessment, the occupational therapist will prepare a report which is sent to parents/carers, the young person’s GP and other professionals as agreed with parents/carers.

For more information on the type of support we can provide, please take the time to look around our website.

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