Specialist Seating

What are the benefits of introducing specialist seating for a child with postural difficulties?

  • To promote their social inclusion (eye contact, interaction).
  • Postural stability.
  • To decrease tiredness and maximise functioning.
  • Improve breathing and digestion.
  •  A stable base promotes upper body function which will enable participation in table top tasks.
  • Comfort and security.
  • Participation in activities of daily living.

What does specialist seating look like?

There are many types of chairs available, and are all made to support different needs. After a thorough assessment has been completed, your Occupational Therapist will decide which chair meets the need of the child.

For teachers- What happens once a student has a specialist chair?

If a child has been provided with specialist seating from our service at your school they will have been provided with an individualised version of the following document. It is essential that this is read and understood by all the staff who are supporting the child as this includes vital information, such as how and when the child should use the seat and who to contact should you need help with the child’s seating.

Have a question? Visit our Physical Needs FAQs page.

User Manuals for Chairs

Does your child or student already have a specialist chair? Please find the user manual for this chair below.

For more information, please visit our Physical Needs FAQs page.

Page Last Reviewed: 28/03/2024

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