What is Occupational Therapy?

Do you want to understand more about the role of Occupational Therapy and specifically how the Community Paediatric Occupational Therapy service works in Solihull? Watch the following video which is intended for use as educational material by healthcare professionals. Closed captions are available on the video, however if you would like a transcript or have any further questions, please contact our service via phone or e-mail.

How do I Make a Referral?

Please visit our “How to make a referral” page on the website which has all the information you need, including eligibility criteria, the referral form and video guidance to completing this. The process is no different for professionals referring than families themselves.

What should I expect from Occupational Therapy Involvement?

Any professionals involved with a child are able to be part of the Occupational Therapy process at any point, with parental consent. This may be as simple as liaising with the child’s therapist or it may be attending an appointment (virtual or otherwise) and the child’s therapist will be able to facilitate this with enough notice. You may find the information on our other pages, including how we are working during coronavirus, what we offer as well as what happens during school or nursery visits among others helpful to read. Please do not hesitate to contact the service if you have any further questions.

Before You Make a Referral

Before you refer a child to our service, you may find it helpful to read a guide we created to reduce the number of rejected referrals to our service. The guide aims to aid understanding of Occupational Therapy and the support we can offer children and young people.

Seating in School

You may have children who attend your school who have seating needs. They may be known to our specialist Physical Disabilities team or their needs may be mild and you are looking for/have sought advice around this.

These documents will help you determine whether intervention is required to assist the child with seating at school and what this intervention should be, such as simple adaptations to the environment or a referral into our team.

If a child has been provided with specialist seating from our service at your school they will have been provided with an individualised version of the following document. It is essential that this is read and understood by all the staff who are supporting the child as this includes vital information, such as how and when the child should use the seat and who to contact should you need help with the child’s seating.

Page Last Reviewed: 31/08/2022

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