Video Communication Therapy

After attending the parent workshop, your child may be offered VCT therapy sessions. You will be invited to 4 sessions. These usually take place at a clinic but may be offered at home or nursery particularly if your child’s targets focus on developing their functional communication e.g. requesting a snack.

This therapy will aim to increase your understanding of your child’s communication skills and will explore strategies that you use which have a positive effect on your child’s speech and language development.

You will be videoed playing with your child. You and the therapist will then watch the video together highlighting strengths in how you and your child communicate. This will involve focusing on early communication skills such as attention, play, listening and turn-taking.

Download Communication Pyramid

Why me?

Working through parents/carers is recognised to be the most effective way of helping children as parents are able to use strategies on a daily basis which have been shown to accelerate the rate of communication development. We will work together to identify helpful strategies to improve your child’s communication.

How long will it take?

Following the 4 sessions, your therapist will write a report with recommendations and will discuss sharing this report with any other professionals who may be involved in your child’s care. Your child is then likely to be offered a review after 6-8 weeks. During this time, you will be asked to practise strategies with your child every day for at least 5 minutes.

It is important to attend all of the appointments offered as not attending may delay your child’s SLT support or result in discharge.