Therapy at home or nursery

For some pre-school children, it is not appropriate to work with them in clinic as they need support in their everyday environment in order to make progress. For these children, we may agree with you that it would be best to work at home and/or in the early years setting to support your child.

This support may consist of a mixture of:

  • Communicating Together workshop
  • You Matter workshop
  • Coaching session at home and/or in nursery
  • Group therapy sessions in clinic

Communicating Together Workshop

This workshop is aimed at parents of children who need extra support with their early interaction and functional communication skills. This could be having difficulty attending an activity with an adult, being aware of another adult, or understanding words alone. They may not be using words or gestures yet, or they may have some words but not use them in functional ways e.g. not asking for things they want.

You Matter Workshop

This workshop is designed to support and empower professionals working with and parents of children who use aided communication (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). This includes children who use symbol-based communication books and/or boards and those who use powered communication aids.

Coaching Sessions

Depending on your child’s needs, we may offer a one-off therapy coaching session at home and/or in nursery in order to demonstrate the therapy strategies that will be have been recommended in the child’s report. This way, both you and your child’s keyworker can feel confident in supporting your child’s communication development to meet their targets.

Group Therapy Sessions

These groups are for 4 children to attend with their parents in clinic. Sessions are run by 2 Speech & Language Therapy staff, and children are invited to attend for 4 weeks. Sessions are designed to support parents & keyworkers as they encourage children to communicate in a more functional way, involving using techniques such as:

  • Mirroring
  • Modelling communication boards(link to communication boards)
  • Creating opportunities for communication
  • Using visual timetables / First/Then boards
  • Makaton signs
  • Using core vocabulary