Support for Early Years

We work with several nurseries in Solihull who offer a high number of 2-year-funded places. Please see a list of nurseries that we are currently working with.

We offer different levels of support to different settings, dependent on how much training they have accessed and how confident they are in carrying out the strategies:

Level 1 Early Years SLT Agreement
Level 2 Early Years SLT Agreement
Level 3 Early Years SLT Agreement


Children will be accepted into the Early Years service if they are aged between 2 years 0 months – 2 years 11 months and they attend a nursery which is signed up by our service. It is very important to ensure all the following forms are completed in full to avoid any delay in your child’s care.

What happens during assessment?

This will take place virtually, with parents / carers and nursery staff. The therapist will use information from your parent questionnaire and speak to you and your child’s key worker for further information.

Your child’s speech and language development will be assessed through a range questions. The therapist may also observe your child playing over video call.

Your child’s speech and language targets will then be decided based on the assessment and/or information provided. The targets will be discussed with both you and your child’s Keyworker.

What happens after assessment?

We will also send a copy of your child’s report and targets to you at home and to other professionals involved. The next steps for your child’s support will be decided after the assessment. This may involve virtual therapy and/or a one-off coaching session followed by an assessment in 6 weeks time.

Therapy Strategies

Therapy for early years children may be offered by a Speech & Language Therapist or a Speech & Language Therapy Assistant.

Coaching Sessions

Depending on your child’s needs, we may offer a one-off virtual therapy coaching session in order to demonstrate the therapy strategies that will have been recommended in the child’s report. This way, both you and your child’s keyworker can feel confident with supporting your child’s communication development to meet their targets.

What happens after therapy?

Following therapy, your child may be discharged from the SLT service if their communication no longer requires support from us.

The term after your child turns 3-years-old if they require on-going support from the SLT service their care will be transferred to the core community SLT team. You can then access support through health clinics to ensure your child’s communication continues to develop.

For more help see support for pre-school children.

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