Little Listeners Group

This is a speech group which will involve fun games and activities which focus on developing your child’s awareness of syllables and sounds in a word as this can help children to blend and sound out words. You will be given activities and/or strategies from each session to practise at home.

All children in the group will have been identified as having difficulty with their speech sound use/pronunciation. They will all be similar in age (around 3 to 4 years old).

How long will it take?

Your child will be invited to 3 sessions in the clinic with a group of children.

The next step following attendance at this course of group sessions will be a period of time with no therapy in order for you and your child to practice what you have learnt and for your child to consolidate their new skills.

They will later be invited to a review appointment where their speech will be re-assessed and next steps will be discussed with yourself and agreed next steps could involve individual therapy sessions, further home practise targets before another review appointment, or discharge.

It is important to attend all of the appointments offered as not attending may delay your child’s SLT support or result in discharge.