What do we offer?

The paediatric physiotherapy service provides a community advice and assessment service and recommends strategies to support children with gross motor delays, neurological and neuromuscular conditions and musculoskeletal conditions before the age of 7 years (over 7 years are seen by the adult musculoskeletal service).

The service also provides a community respiratory service for children with complex disabilities in whom respiratory pathology is the major contributing factor to reduced quality of life, morbidity and mortality. The service provides proactive respiratory care and improved access to specialist respiratory equipment in the treatment of sub acute and chronic respiratory conditions.

Levels of intervention include:-

 Acute/Short Term – Musculoskeletal for children under 7 years of age

 Long Term – Neurodevelopmental and respiratory conditions requiring ongoing assessment / treatment / monitoring / provision of equipment / referral to Paediatricians / Orthopaedic Consultants etc.

 Palliative/End of Life respiratory care – provide advice and guidance and advice to parents/carers and Children Community Nurses.


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