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How we complete clinic appointments has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please see our dedicated coronavirus information page for further detail.

What Happens After a Clinic Appointment?

If the appointment has included a standardised (formal) assessment, for example of the young person’s motor skills, the therapist will call the parents/carers after the appointment to explain what the assessment has shown.

Once the assessment has been concluded, the therapist will write a report.

The Occupational Therapy Report

The occupational therapy report will include information from the young person, their parent/carer and teachers (if appropriate) about how the young person manages everyday activities at home, at school and in their spare time. It will also describe the occupational therapy assessment process and the results of any formal assessments that were carried out. Most importantly the report will include
individualised recommendations to address the areas of concern at home, at school and in other settings.

Reports are sent to parents/carers, the young person’s GP and other relevant professionals as agreed with parents/carers. Occupational Therapy reports can be used to support a young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), although not all children who receive occupational therapy will require an EHCP.

For most young people the report marks the end of their involvement with the occupational therapy service. Parents/carers and professionals are, however, welcome to contact the occupational therapy service by telephone for further information and advice until the young person reaches their 18th birthday.

Clinic Locations

Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre
1st Floor
Crabbtree Drive
Chelmsley Wood
B37 5BU

Shirley Clinic
276 Stratford Road
B90 3AD

Page Last Reviewed: 6/04/2022

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