Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus has had a significant effect on peoples everyday lives and can cause fear and anxiety. This page will share with you further information about coronavirus as well as include places for support and advice and links to resources that may help, including for returning to school.

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Please see the following links for guidance and support about what coronavirus (COVID-19) is, what to do if you think you or your household have symptoms, what to do if you have been told to self-isolate, what it means for those who are higher risk, how you can protect yourself and others from coronavirus as well as where you can go to get further information.

Help During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As life has changed so much, as have the demands on us and our children, we sometimes need a little help to navigate these. Many places have built up resources to tackle the common difficulties that have been highlighted due to the coronavirus pandemic and to help you and/or your family to with all these changes. Below you will be able to find further help and information, including some specific to our local area. To find out more information about how our service is working during Coronavirus, see our dedicated page for this.

Local Help

The links below detail help and resources available for Solihull residents or for children who attend Solihull education settings.

Returning to School

Schools have started back up again and after such a long time away, this can be a tricky transition for many young children. Some are going back to the their old school but new classes with new layouts, others are changing to new schools completely. Below on the left are some resources for parents/carers to help their children, on the right are for children to complete themselves for going back to school.

Further Help

Please see the links below for more help and resources available from wider services that you or your child may find helpful.

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